Kathryn Merry

"Kathryn is a pleasure in rehearsal, super-talented, hilarious, beautiful, has a great facility with language, connects emotionally, is believable and theatrical at the same time, is a total joy to work with, and a wonder on the stage."

- Jesse Berger, Artistic Director, Red Bull Theater Company


"German Gretchen, Kathryn Merry, is imperious and unexpectedly vulnerable, a Brunhilde who literally stumbles across her Siegried."
- Vermont Standard

"As Gretchen the German, Kathryn Merry is a cross between a Valkyrie and a kitty cat... the way Merry plants herself on the stage, legs akimbo, and enunciates her words, is something to see and hear and appreciate."
- Valley News

"Kathryn Merry as Maureen is mesmerizing. The actress captures Maureen’s glimpse of a happy future with a subtle gesture of twinkling eyes and a tiny grin as easily as she portrays her anger, frustration, and her potential to reach the brink of insanity."
- Cape Cod Chronicle

"truly exceptional"
- Cape Cod Times

"Kathryn Merry’s Desdemona shines"
- The New York Observer

"As Desdemona, Kathryn Merry breezed around the stage like a breath of fresh air. She was no mere vision of loveliness, as was proved by her fierce impassioned stand for women's rights..."
- Los Angeles Times

"Kathryn Merry is a refreshingly hip and natural Desdemona"
- Time Out New York

"Kathryn Merry's Carol, the only female writer, was a wonderfully credible mix of sanity and sardonic humor."
- Jim Lowe, Times Argus

"Kathryn Merry (is a) poignant spirited Ophelia who goes arrestingly to her death..."
- Robert Cushman, The National Post (Canada)

"Kathryn Merry shines as Angel in this film. With her wide range of acting ability, she easily keeps the audience captivated through the horrifying events that face her character in 'The Creek.' Kathryn Merry is an actress who no doubt will reach great heights in her profession."
- Ralph James Ippoliti, This is Some Scene

"Obnoxious commercial. Is excessive cussing supposed to be funny? The girls hot though." -ZomgXBanned2

"ya she is" -numbuh1jaffe